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79th Midshires Produce Auction – Sale Report

Monday, 15 February 2021

79th Midshires Produce Auction – Sale Report

79th Midshires Produce Auction – Tuesday 9th February 2021 DEMAND CONTINUES TO INCREASE WHILST WINTER WEATHER PREVAILS.

With Stuart unable to attend the sale following his knee replacement, Mike Carter stepped in to sell the fodder on a bright but cold day at Onley Equestrian Centre.

Howkins & Harrison continue to sell large quantities of clamped silage by organising haulage for one load or up to 20 loads at very competitive prices during government lockdown. The speed of loading is equally important as the distance travelling to move the silage.

Once again, all those present at the sale complied with all COVID restrictions, wearing masks and maintaining a social distance at all time.

We look forward to seeing you again at Onley Equestrian Centre on Tuesday 9th March 2021. If you would like to enter produce, please call Stuart Long on 07713 651039 or

Gilly Wrathall on 07921 511852.

Summary of Prices

Hay Delivered£
Massey Ferguson bales65.00
Round bales35.00
Haylage Delivered 
Round bales30.00
Wheat Straw Delivered 
Massey Ferguson bales66.00
Massey Ferguson bales35.00
Mini Heston Bales30.00
Round bales22.00 – 30.00
Clamped Grass19.00 – 35.00
Clamped Maize32.00
Round bales22.00 – 23.00
Meadow Hay 
Claas Quadrant bales33.00 – 50.00
Round bales35.00
Wrapped Hay 
Massey Ferguson bales35.00
Square bales 
Wheat Straw 
Claas Quadrant bales51.00
Barley Straw 
Claas Quadrant bales46.00 – 52.00
Round bales 
Wheat Straw bales34.00
Barley Straw bales31.00 – 32.00
Oat Straw bales27.00