Hedgerow and Boundary Grant

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN Hedgerow Boundary Grant

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

The application window is now open for the Hedgerow Boundary Grant

As the UK transitions away from the European Union, Countryside Stewardship (CS) will be replaced by the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS), the basis of which lies in enhancing the natural environment and reducing emissions to meet the Government’s net zero targets. Until the trials and testing of ELMS has concluded and the scheme is in full roll out, Countryside Stewardship continues, including grants. such as the hedgerow and boundary grant, available for farmers and landowners.

The hedgerow and boundary grant has been set up to restore the natural environment and heritage, which is considered key to the British landscape, while improving all important stock fencing. The two years grant is run through the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and offers up to £20,000 to eligible applicants.

Applications for the Hedgerow and Boundary Grant

Applications are now open and the window will close on the 30th April 2021, with agreements beginning the first month after applications are approved. The table below shows items that can be can be funded under the scheme.

Restrictions & Exclusions

Restrictions to application include that the land must have been managed for a minimum of two years prior to the agreement start date. Both landlords or tenants are able to apply for the grant, however, the applicant must be deemed to have sufficient control over the land so as to ensure the work highlighted within the application is carried out.

Some land is not eligible for this grant. Examples of excluded land include:

Help & Support with Hedgerow and Boundary Grant Applications

This grant is competitive, and applications are subject to assessment upon the environmental value. If you would like any more information, are interested in or require help or support with your application, please get in touch with one of our surveyors at your local H&H rural office.

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