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Friday, 26 February 2021

GUEST BLOG FROM THE HOME STYLING COMPANY – Once Upon a Time in Leicestershire

This story does feature a very happy ending BUT it’s no fairy tale. This is the true story of what happened when one Leicestershire property developer decided to invest in home staging and how at least one of his dreams came true!


In November of 2020 I took a telephone enquiry from a property developer in Leicestershire – let’s call him Ben. Ben had just completed his very first development project and was exploring his options regarding marketing. He was interested to find out how home staging could help sell his property quickly and with the maximum return on his investment.

We chatted at length and after explaining the home staging process thoroughly, I gave Ben the advice I always offer to clients in his position. “The most important thing now is to strike the right balance between presentation, marketing and price. If your property looks fantastic, is pitched at the right price and you have exactly the right agency representation, you have the perfect combination for the best chance of a swift, successful sale.”


Armed with my best advice, Ben hit me with the question I still find most difficult to answer…. “How will I know if staging makes a difference?”

The truth is, we can never really know what might have happened if a client had decided not to opt for staging. Would the home still have sold? Maybe – who knows? But maybe not; perhaps that property would stay languishing on the market for months and months, losing money and deteriorating in condition all the time.


Ben decided to put his faith in The Home Styling Company and I am delighted to report that what happened next made him very happy indeed.

Ben’s ‘Styling Godmother’ swooped in. The Home Styling Company team provided full furnishings to all rooms complete with complementary accessories. After carefully selecting just the right furniture and furnishings from our vast stock of homeware, the property immediately came to life and was transformed from a beautifully finished shell into a gorgeous potential home – the magic spell was cast.

To make the most of the transformation, we arranged a portfolio of professional photographs for Ben’s estate agent to use on line, as well as a great video to showcase exactly how potential buyers could use the space – making it effortless for them to imagine themselves living there.


Before staging took place Ben had received a valuation he was happy with. It didn’t quite take him into profit but he would break even. Not a bad result for a first development project right? Of course, but can you imagine how happy he was when his agent increased the valuation by £30,000 after staging took place?

Ben was ready to place his property on the open market and what happened next was a dream come true. Ben’s agent arranged four viewings on the first day of listing and they ALL made an offer!

Ben sold his property for the full asking price and the sale was completed within six weeks. A happy agent, a happy buyer and a VERY happy vendor. Oh and by the way, the buyer purchased lots of the furnishings and accessories we placed which meant we were happy too. It proved we’d pitched the styling absolutely on point.


So, what’s the moral of this story? We can’t ever be sure of what might have happened but we can be sure of what really did happen when Ben put his trust in The Home Styling Company.

This is what Ben had to say when I contacted him to congratulate him on his dream sale:

“Thanks Denise you did a great job. I’m very pleased we decided to have you stage the property. I’m convinced it’s made a substantial difference and feel justified in my decision to spend the extra money. Regardless of the financial or time benefits, no one can argue that there is a tangible improvement to a staged property over an unstaged one.”

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