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H&H & AMC Supporting Farmers & Landowners with Funding Solutions

Monday, 1 March 2021

H&H & AMC Supporting Farmers & Landowners with Funding Solutions

H&H have a long-standing relationship with the AMC, with two of our surveyors acting as AMC agents for our farming and land owning clients. 2021 has been a gratifying year for H&H, as we have been highly rated by the funding company.

Set-up in 1928 specifically to assist UK agriculture through the great depression, AMC specialise in long-term loans for farmers and rural businesses. Their unfaltering support, through 90 years of economic cycles, provides the experience to help fund landed estates, agriculture, horticulture and equine businesses in the best possible way, with lending products developed specifically to meet the unique requirements these industries. The AMC offer support for a multitude of different land-based purposes, including:

Generational Funding Support

To support the generational nature of the farming industry, the AMC offer repayment terms of up to 30 years and, with interest-only options also available, this can often make the long-term investment of land purchase so much more affordable so helping to ensure that the next generation can also enjoy a viable business.

The AMC offer competitive interest rates with often a blend of interest-only and repayment options as well as fixed and variable rates of interest.

Unlike some High Street banks’ current offering, AMC offer a commitment for the term of the loan, with no reviews of the initial decision to lend or terms on which the funds are made available. This combined with fixed rate loans being available for up to 30 years (allowing businesses to lock-in the current low interest rate environment for the long term), result in an AMC facility being able to offer more certainly over the ongoing availability and cost of borrowing.

Variable Options

With variable rate loans agreements, borrowers are however at liberty to make additional capital repayments, at any point, without fees or penalties and, where business succession is in place, the agreements can be transferred to the next generation.

Funding decisions can be approved in principle, without any fee, before making a sealed bid or the fall of the hammer at an auction.

H&H work closely with the AMC to ensure our clients can achieve the funding that they require for the development, growth, repair, or diversification of their business. We support clients every step of the way, from business planning, through application and onwards, for any project, acquisition or development from a planning, rural surveyor and agency basis, drawing on the strengths and expertise of our diverse and knowledgeable rural team.

The AMC working with H&H

Andrew Connah, Regional Agricultural Manager for the AMC said: ‘Our AMC agents at H&H, James & Jeremy, are FCA registered and are trained to ensure that funding is fair and just for agricultural businesses. They are extremely knowledgeable about business planning and are able to think outside of the box to help landowners to develop their offering for the ever-changing market place, which is the primary reason that they have had significant success for their clients during 2020, seeing them ranking highly within the region.’

AMC agent at H&H, Jeremy Watson said ‘the AMC product is built on solid foundations, with roots in the agricultural industry. They understand where farmers’ trials and tribulations lay and are genuinely looking to help. The success H&H have found this last year has come from a place of collaboration. Although James and I are the agents within H&H, our whole team are knowledgeable and willing to work together to find the best solution for our clients. We talk trough options in teams and are able to share knowledge, experience, and previous case studies to find the best, trusted and tested ways through situations that we can present to our clients – and in turn to the AMC for funding. We are delighted that the AMC support us and in turn enable our clients to achieve their business goals.’

For Funding Help & Support

If you require help or support with business planning, would like to discuss funding options or require support to gain AMC funding for your business, please contact our H&H AMC agents today:

Jeremy Watson – 07808 909377

James Collier – 07747 635425

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