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H&H Launch Online Auctions

Friday, 5 February 2021

H&H Launch Online Auctions

Our H&H farm sales and auctions team is excited to launch our first online auction. We start with the sale of Fletcher & Partners dairy, parlour and equipment following the sale of the farm. Covid lockdown restrictions have brought our onsite sales to an abrupt end. Several sales had to be cancelled or postponed, following a season of fantastic and exceptionally successful sales in glorious summer and autumnal weather during 2020. Calling time, however, to comply with Government Guidance was both required and the only course of action.

Lockdown forces auctions online

During the UK lockdowns, many livestock markets have entered the world of online sales. It with excitement (and some caution,) that we offer our clients the opportunity to continue to sell their items with our experienced team and to take advantage of our contacts and mailing list and our many social media followers.

“As a company we do not want to stop hosting farm sales” says Tim Howard, Partner at the Rugby office. “They are hard work for all of us, but they fantastic and fun events. Stuart is a master at creating the unique farm sale atmosphere whatever the sale type. It is also a great way for everyone to meet with clients and friends. The social side of the day is almost as important as picking up that bit of kit you didn’t know you needed.”

Tim goes on to say “Entering the world of Online Auctions is something we’ve been considering for a while. This is a natural progression for us and provides a platform for our farm sales team to be able to offer a service to our clients that enables business to continue. We will start with a few smaller sales and then consider being able to offer more sales in the future.”

Partnership with Auctionmarts for online auctions

The Online sales are being run in conjunction with Auctionmarts who run many livestock markets and therefore have a pedigree within our sector. Users will have to register and create an account but will then have the opportunity of viewing not only Howkins & Harrison sales, but others from across the UK. Using an online platform will provide our clients with the opportunity to sell items further afield rather than just those that can attend on the sale day itself.

If you have any issues with signing up, would like any further support or information, please feel free to get in touch by calling 01788 564680.

Online auction of dairy machinery ends at 12 noon on the 4th March 2021

The first sale ends on March 4th and purchasers are encouraged to register an interest as soon as possible. This will give time to understand the system and have a look at the items for sale. A sale of engineering equipment and specialist tools should follow over the next few weeks.

If you have equipment or machinery that you are considering selling, please do call our farm sales team. We can explain in detail how a sale works via an online auction. We are happy to meet virtually or in person following strict Covid-safe protocols. Please get in touch on 01788 564680.