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H&H Online Auctions Success

Friday, 5 March 2021

H&H Online Auctions Success

This week has witnessed the dawn of a new era for Howkins & Harrison as we have taken our 133 year experience of auctions and farm sales into the digital arena, running our first fully online auction – a sale of specialist dairy and parlour equipment.

The sale was a huge success and enabled us to auction all the equipment contained within the catalogue online and therefore without any of the challenges that providing a safe and secure environment during the pandemic brings.

Viewing before the Online Auctions are Live

The listings were available to view for roughly a month before the auction cut off time, enabling interested parties to view the digital version and to arrange a physical viewing if it was required.

The system used by the Farm Sales team is run on the same platform used for our regular farm sales, ensuring that a fully integrated, secure environment that we trust and know well underpinned the sale.

Successful Bidders

Successful buyers were notified immediately at the end of the sale and emailed an invoice and payment instructions. Payments began to be made over night and as soon as payment clears, buyers will be notified with information as to how to arrange collection of their new equipment.

The sale was so successful, with unilaterally positive feedback from the vendor, auctioneer and from those bidding, that we will look to run more sales in this same way, where the type of sale hits the right criteria: specialist equipment, relatively low volume of lots and the type of equipment that may be bought from further afield than the people who regularly attend our traditional sales.

Of course, this type of sale will not be replacing regular farm sales, for as soon as we are free from restrictions and able to run sales within the Covid-19 guidance we will be doing so – the diary is already full of five sales in the first four weeks, scheduled for as soon as we are given the green light. However, where the situation fits, we will look to run both physical sales and online auctions concurrently.

A Unique Atmosphere

‘The online auction created its own unique atmosphere and excitement’ reported Auctioneer Stuart Long – not renowned for his digital capabilities; ‘the system was far easier to use than I expected, and the team were on hand throughout to help anyone who came up against an issue.’

‘What we have learnt,’ Stuart continues, ‘is that those wishing to bid need to register in good time to avoid any last-minute issues. That way, Gilly & the team are able to support any technical issues and show anyone who is unsure how to use the bidding system what to do ahead of time.’

What’s Next for Online Auctions?

Such was the success; the next online auction is almost ready to launch. This next event, set to go live during March 2021, is a sale of specialist engineering equipment from the workshop of the late Mr David Fielden of Dadlington. This private workshop was used by the late Mr Fielden, Director of Jaguar Motors, to create a canon which sits aboard HMS Victory and a horse carriage, still in existence, to name but two of the hundreds of items crafted by the listed equipment. Further information will be sent out via our e-newsletter, social media channels and on our website.

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