How Howkins & Harrison are supporting landlords with new EPC Regulations

Friday, 23 March 2018

With the deadline for the new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Regulations just around the corner, we had a chat to Lettings Manager and EPC expert, Mark Glenn about what Howkins & Harrison have been doing to help our managed landlords get ready for the changes to the law.

Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn, Lettings Manager

What have Howkins & Harrison been doing to help landlords get ready for the new EPC regulations?

We’ve been doing our homework on the new EPC Regulations since early last year. We’ve attended seminars, conferences and ARLA training to make sure we fully understand what the regulations mean for landlords.

We also wrote to all our managed landlords to let them know the changes were coming and advise them of what to do next. We then did a full audit of the EPCs of all the properties we manage, and helped our landlords make changes where they were needed.

What have been the most common changes landlords have made to their properties in order to comply with the new regulations?

One of the most common changes our landlords needed to make was simply to renew their EPCs. Since EPCs last for ten years, the energy efficiency of many of our managed properties has increased, due to improvements landlords have made during that period. In lots of cases, simply getting a new EPC that reflects these improvements was all that needed to be done.

For landlords who found their properties were still not compliant with the EPC Regulations, most only needed to make small changes, such as installing better heaters and insulation.

The deadline for EPC is 1st April. If landlords haven’t already made sure they are compliant with the new regulations, what is their best course of action at this late stage?

We can certainly help landlords after the EPC deadline has passed. If there are landlords who still need help, we can review their EPCs and advise them how to proceed as part of our managed service.

What are the consequences for landlords who don’t comply with the new regulations?

The consequence of not complying with the new EPC regulations is a £4000 fine – which of course we want to help landlords avoid!

What is the purpose of the new EPC regulations?

The UK housing market is dependent on the rental sector, but unfortunately there are landlords out there who offer very poor quality housing. The idea behind these new regulations is to drive up the quality of rented accommodation and to drive out rouge landlords, which is a positive thing for both landlords and tenants.

At Howkins & Harrison we only work with landlords who care about their tenants and offer good quality housing. I’m pleased to say that the new EPC Regulations will benefit the industry as whole.

If you’re a landlord and you’d like to know more about how Howkins & Harrison can help you make sure you’re compliant with the new EPC Regulations, call Mark on 01604 823 445.