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Individual Plots and Self-Build Sites

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Individual Plots and Self-Build Sites

If the past year changed one paradigm, across the nation, it was to show greater appreciation of outdoor space. The effect of the changes to the ways of working of almost every office worker in the country means that a new timetable that does not have to include the daily commute into an awkwardly located office is now the norm for so many. Reducing the carbon footprint of commuters reducing commuting and travel time eradicating hours sat in motorway carparks all adds up to a more effective working day. The positive knock on effect on work-life balance, including being around at the start and end of the day to engage in family time and not missing another package delivery (!) are all significant bonuses. Could a self-build property be the answer for you?

Home Working

Home working, however, does come with its challenges. With little notice, structure or preparation, many families were thrown into sharing a kitchen table and inadequate wi-fi for home schooling, Zoom calls and feeding the hungry hordes, whilst trying to navigate their businesses through the economic deepfreeze of lockdown 1.0. The response? Ikea sold out of office chairs and desks. Builders available to complete garden-office structures became booked up until sometime in the next decade and the housing market went CRAZY!

We all needed more space. Or different space. Or simply a change of scene.

So, what’s the alternative to trawling Rightmove and the monotonous emailed property alerts that tick one of your boxes but cross another three? Find a space in the right location (or in your garden) and build what you want – your way!

Pint of Milk Test

Pre-2020, property was often subject to the ‘pint of milk’ test – can I walk from my front door to pick up the store cupboard essentials. Now, it is the ‘blade of grass’ test, as outdoor space usurps the desire for a village shop. However, building an office space in the garden, converting an existing outbuilding, or even creating a brand new home in a rural location is gaining popularity.

This can come at a price, however. A development plot with permission for a bespoke timber framed four-bedroom detached property of around 3,300 square feet, with a garage and workshop on the edge of a popular Midlands village sold in the summer months of 2020 for £417,500.

Despite the desire for open space, plots within walking distance of village amenities command a premium. As does the ability for children to play, cycle, and walk from home to school safely. However, as the provision of online shopping and the widening sphere of supermarket delivery services continues to increase, a rural location feels less isolated as it previously may have done.

Planning Reform Policy

The desire to buy a plot of land and self-build a property remains high. As the planning reform policy rumbles its way through consultation, applications for conversion of farm buildings under Class Q and for full planning permission continue to increase, whilst landowners with plots for single dwellings are generally not short of offers when listed for sale.

If you have a disused barn, some land or even space in a significant garden, it is worth a call to discuss your options. Looking for a plot for a self-build property? Let us know what is on your list of ‘must-haves’ and we will keep a look out for you. Contact our team:

Ashby – 01530 877977

Atherstone – 01827 721380

Rugby – 01788 564680

Towcester – 01327 397979

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