How to pack for moving house

Friday, 14 September 2018

It’s the job that nobody wants to do, but it’s got to be done! Packing is a necessary evil when it comes to moving house, but with careful planning, it needn’t be anything to dread. Read our packing tips below to help take the pain out of packing up…


Before you even so much as look at a roll of packing tape, thoroughly de-clutter your house. Many of us hold on to ornaments, books, toys and even furniture that we no longer really want or need. There’s no point wasting time packing these things up, only have them gather dust in your new home! Ebay, Freecycle and your local charity shops are all great places to find a new home for your clutter, and cut down your packing time to boot.

Pack early

It may be tempting to put it off, but packing early is one sure-fire way to take the stress out of moving. Obviously, there will be things you can’t pack till the last minute, but there will be plenty of items you can pack early on. For example, if it’s winter, pack away your summer clothes – and vice versa!

Set yourself a target

Breaking your packing into small chunks can make it seem less daunting. If you have 8 weeks to move, why not challenge yourself to pack away one room per week? Or perhaps just one box a day? Either way, doing your packing bit-by-bit will certainly make the process much less overwhelming.

Label everything!

Now is the perfect time to invest in that label maker you’ve always wanted, or at the very least a big black marker pen. Label the sides of boxes, as it will be easier to see when they are stacked. You could even colour-code the labels by room to help the unpacking process run a little more smoothly.

Pack a box of essentials

Think about what you may need the moment you move into your new house – a kettle, mugs and tea bags perhaps? It’s a good idea to pack a box of essentials that you can open up as soon as the moving van pulls away – there’s nothing like a good cuppa to make you feel at home.

Other useful items for your “essentials box” could include:

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