Have you considered selling at auction?

Auctions can be a fast and effective way of selling. The fast-moving property market is changing; the traditional route of Sale Board, numerous viewings and then waiting for the agent to ring with an offer is not the only way.

It’s not all Homes Under The Hammer, and people’s preconceptions about House Auctions, being cheap run-down or repossessed properties, are largely unfounded, particularly in smaller towns and villages.

At Howkins & Harrison, we auction a broad range quirky, unique and different types of property, as well as land and development opportunities.

The kinds of houses that do particularly well at auction are:

We also hold Dispersal Sales, whereby an estate may need to be wound up and we need to sell the contents.  These could be held at the property or the items collected up and sold at another venue.  One of our biggest sales was at Grange Farm in Ryton , which attracted a great deal of press coverage

There are plenty of reasons why selling at auction could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Maximise your property value:
Every vendor is looking at achieving the best price for their property. Rather than a property being marketed at its maximum price, auctions work in the opposite way, beginning with a very attractive price and driving competition and demand up.  The competition in the room can often result in a higher sale price as serious buyers are reluctant to miss out.

An auction will get the true value of your home, marketing it to as wide an audience as possible through our website, social media and auction catalogue, and allowing the market to set the price.

You are free to set a reserve, which means you can be assured that you won’t let it go for less than you want.

Everything arranged in one go:
As the vendor, you provide all the paperwork in advance, including the sale contract, transfer of ownership, searches and any necessary certificates.  This puts you in control, without relying on the other party’s solicitor.  Potential buyers may arrange their own survey beforehand, but it won’t delay the auction going ahead.

A quick, problem free sale:
Residential sales can often be beset with frustrating delays if there is a long chain involved.  All of this is avoided with an auction. Once the gavel has sounded, the sale is accepted and exchange has taken place.  The buyer then must sign the contract and pay a 10% deposit. Completion takes place 28 days later.

A successful auction works when you have an unusual property, probably in need of renovation(, you set a sensible guide that attracts plenty of interest and you have a clean title to sell.

If your property fits the bill, get in touch with our Auctions Team.

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