Spotlight on Buy-to-Let Investments

Friday, 23 March 2018

With 1.75 million landlords currently operating in the UK, buy-to-let investments are becoming increasingly popular. But why is the lure of becoming a landlord so strong?

High Return on Investment

The possibility of a high return on investment is one of the main draws of becoming a landlord. Between 1996 (the year buy-to-let loans became available) and 2013, the per-year returns for a buy-to-let investor who purchased their property with cash averaged 10%. And where the investor bought with mortgage of 75% of their property’s value, the average per-year return over the period came in at an impressive 16%.

The combination of being able to cover mortgage repayments as well as generating an income through rent make buy-to-let a very enticing investment indeed.

Long Term Investment

Although property prices go up and down, a property’s value will inevitably rise over a number of years. This means that, as well as generating income through rent, landlords are highly likely to make a profit when they eventually sell a property.

Building a Portfolio

Another advantage of buy-to-let investments is the ability to scale up your operation and grow a portfolio of properties. Although this needs to be carefully planned and managed, landlords who start small and grow sustainably can make excellent returns from letting multiple properties.

Top Tips from our Experts

Mark Bazeley

Howkins & Harrison’s Lettings Manager, Mark Bazeley, shares his top five tips for anyone considering a buy-to-let investment:

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