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The HS2 – latest news

Monday, 14 February 2022

The HS2 – latest news

Most of the Birmingham to Leeds leg of HS2 was cancelled in November ‘21, with the publication of the Integrated Rail Plan. The cancelled section ran from East Midlands Parkway to Leeds and was perhaps two thirds of the total length of Phase 2b. The section from Coleshill (North Warwickshire) to East Midlands Parkway however is still due to be built, and probably on very much the current planned alignment. This runs up the M42 corridor, passing Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch, before joining the existing rail network near Ratcliffe on Soar, and is being called HS2 East.

There are a number of things that may come as a surprise to those on the HS2 East route when the time comes for their land to be taken:

  1. HS2 are entitled to take ownership of your land without having paid you anything for it? This fact is hard to swallow, but in order to ensure you at least get something on the date of possession, you need to ask for it a couple of months before. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  2. If you have land which isn’t generating you an income (such as woodland or amenity land), HS2 can take possession of this land under temporary possession powers and do not have to compensate you unless you can prove a financial loss. The lesson here is to get an income source in place for any land which HS2 are likely to take, even if this simply means putting land in an Agri-Environment Scheme or including woodland in a farm tenancy.
  3. HS2 will want a piece of paperwork to evidence every single pound they spend on compensation. Don’t throw away any receipts or invoices, don’t pay cash for things that you may need to claim compensation for and don’t rely on HS2 exercising common sense!

The other main lesson for those likely to be affected by HS2, and this should be written in foot-high letters above the kitchen door, is GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER. This means making sure you have planning permission in place for everything, plus building regulations approvals, listed building consents and any issues on the legal title ironed out well in advance of any notices from HS2 landing on the mat. If you have all that in place, and a good agent, you may stand a chance of coming out of it without losing any hair!

If you need any advice or support, please contact one of our offices. The most appropriate surveyor will talk you through your options and work up an action plan. Whilst we do not know timelines, we urge landowners to act now to be ready with the paperwork when needed.

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