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Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Friday, 5 February 2021

Thinking of Selling your home?

Are you thinking about selling your home? Then take a read of our top tips to consider when thinking of selling your home.

Why do you want to sell your home?

Why are you thinking of moving? The main reasons that people list when speaking to us as they consider a change in where they live are:


Do you need more space? Do you want to downsize? Do you need a different configeration of space as your needs have changed? As a family unit grows and develops, so does its need for space. Babies and small children need less space than older children who crave the independence of outside space, as well as a bedroom that can cater for sleepovers – and fibreoptic broadband to the village for the all-important upload speed. As children grow up and leave home, sometimes that space which was always so full, seems cavenous and the garden that worked well for a trampoline and climbing frame, is less condusive to growing borders. Our lives are transient, and despite the dream of the chocolate box cottage being in the family for generations inspired by Jane Austin, modernity has moved things on somewhat.


Village, town, city, suburb? Somewhere in between? 2021 has so far taught us that working from home may well be the future as well as the imposed present. The daily commute may morph into a weekly or bi-monthly visit to the office, affording the home owner to live further away – prepared for a longer commute less frequently. Or are you influenced by children requiring the independence to walk to their friends’ houses or to school rather than being in a remote village location may be a driver to move as opposed to being a perma-resident in the dad-taxi.

The desire for green space and access to the countryside has never been higher up the list – the old ‘pint of milk’ test has, to a certain extent, been replaced by a desire to step straight out of the gate onto a blade of grass, accepting of the fact that it may mean a drive for the pint of milk. Whatever your reason, be very sure you have weighed up the pros and cons of your present location and a potential new one, for as the old adage goes, there is nothing more important than location, location, location.


Have your finances changed which either require a move or enable one? Investment in property, when well thought out and well-advised, is usually a good one. However, thinking through affordability and working out worst-case-scenario plan Bs is always prudent. Over stretching on a mortgage may work in the short term, but be sure to consider the what-ifs and truly understand the sacrifices that your dream property may require.

Change in personal circumstances

Someone moving in, someone moving out, two households coming together, older relatives coming to live with you, or passing on. Transience in families is bound to cause turmoil – even if that’s for a positive reason, whilst everyone gets used, initially to the idea and then the reality of the new living arrangements. Of course, there is always the option to rent – or become a landlord, to test the water. Although that could be true of a new location as well as a new living arrangement.

Getting your finances in order before selling your home

As soon as you consider moving home, contact your existing mortgage provider, understand the outstanding balance on your present mortgage, ask if it is transportable and if there are any early redemption fees. It’s always worth asking what deals they can offer you at the same time. You should then speak to an expert. We work with a number of mortgage brokers who we can put you in touch with. They know all there is on offer in the market place – and will usually have access to deals you may not find on your own. Understanding if there is a fee for using the broker is vital, so as to weigh up the deal and therefore the best option for your individual situation.

When should you sell your home?

We are frequently asked: ‘when is a good time to put my house on the market?’ and traditionally, we would have responded with the spring, followed by the autumn, and then the summer as ideal times to list your property. But as the world relies more and more heavily upon online, the lines are blurring. January often sees the highest searches of the year. Holiday times are no longer the same 2 weeks in August for everyone – very few companies now have a full shut down and enforced holiday time, we can search for property 24/7 if we want to. So the new answer to that question is; anytime except when the Christmas tree is up – and in fact, we can usually edit the decs out of photos anyway!

Of course, there are times when volume of traffic is higher than others; spring and September being the highest for booking of viewings, but really, we advise you to put your house on the market when you are ready and trust that those who are serious about moving, will find your property if it is marketed at the right price. We also advise not to rush, so start talking to us as soon as you decide that you might be wanting to move. That way, we can give you a clear valuation and talk to you about anything that may require attention before the photographs are taken, we can start to create the listing to entice people to come and have a look, whilst taking the time to ensure our whole team knows everything there is to know about your property before we start to show prospective buyers around.

Choosing the right estate agent to sell your home

You are going to spend a lot of time with (and speaking to) your estate agent whilst they are selling your home, so this does need to be a wise choice! Asking friends and family for recommendations, looking at who has the most ‘for sale’ and ‘sold’ boards in your area, looking at the Google Reviews and at an agent’s existing Rightmove listings will give you a good starting point, but nothing is more important than understanding how your chosen agent works, what they are offering and how they plan to market your property. Treating your free valuation as an interview should not come as a surprise to your agent, who should give you the attention, time, clear communication and display of local and market knowledge that makes you feel at ease and trusting that they will do a great job in marketing your house.

The photographer really does know best

Our professional photographers are the best in the business, with decades of experience between them. Although we hope that the weather will be perfect for the first appointment we plan, if the photographer suggests a ‘rain-check’ it’s usually a good idea. They will speak to you in advance and ask a number of questions as well as making a number of suggestions around tidying, cleaning and de-cluttering. Our photographers are a creative bunch with an incredible eye for detail. We trust them to get the photos right and create a fantastic shop window for your property and therefore selling your home. After all, how often to do stop and look at a Rightmove listing if the first photo is below par? Not many people do. We offer professional photography as standard – included in the fee to sell your home through us and we know you will not be disappointed.    

And finally, selling your home is not the only answer. If finances allow, property is one of the most reliable forms of investment. We have an active database of tenants looking for rental property across the region and offer a variety of management options, including part and fully managed service agreements, ensuring that your rental contract and property are legally compliant and provide the highest rental yields possible. If you would like to speak to us about the option of renting – or speak to our trusted mortgage advisor partners about your options, please get in touch.

To request a FREE valuation on your property and to take the first step towards your move, complete this form: Arrange a Valuation, or call one of our offices today. We will be delighted to help you every step of the way.

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