Every year we work with our clients on both their annual applications and submissions, as well as advising on new applications, grants and subsidies.

We are always fully up to speed on what is available for you and your business, and are ready to help and advise, so you can make the most of your ever changing options, year on year.

The main schemes we have expertise in are:

  • Basic Payment Scheme
  • Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS)
  • LEADER Funding
  • Capital Grant Scheme (CGS)
  • Countryside Productivity Scheme
  • Rural Growth Programme
  • Forestry Commission Grants
  • Woodland Trust Grants

We are more than happy to visit you, or talk over the phone, to decide if you could benefit from one of the above schemes.

The types of grant work we are involved with are:

  • Registering applicants
  • Applying for grants
  • Applying for payment
  • Transfer of schemes and grants
  • Land based mapping
  • Advisory

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

BPS is a European Union funded subsidy available to Landowners, Farmers and some Agricultural Tenants.

We have the expertise to act on behalf of our clients in all aspects of the scheme including:

  • Registering Applicants with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA)
  • Registering land on to the Rural Land Register (RLR)
  • Applying for New Entrant entitlements
  • Applying for Young Farmer payments
  • Submitting annual claim forms
  • Transferring land and entitlements
  • Informing the RPA of boundary changes
  • Assisting with penalty appeals
  • Advising on inspections and cross compliance matters
  • Advising on greening matters including the Three Cropping Rule and Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs)

If you would like more information on the scheme and whether it is something you could be benefitting from please contact us.